Apps You Need to Download for the Apple Watch

appleWhether you’re a newbie or you happily adopted the Apple Watch as soon as they came out, you’re trying to get the best out of Apple’s game changing wearable. But what would the Apple Watch be without apps? The Apple Watch has a lot of potential to be a life-changing tool thanks to the hundreds of convenient apps you can already download. What are the best apps out there? We’re summing up a few of our favorites.

Apple Pay
Of course, you can’t get an Apple Watch without at least trying out Apple Pay. Apple Pay was a fine and dandy app on the iPhone. But it’s even more convenient on the Apple Watch. When you’re checking out at stores that accept Apple Pay, all you have to do is hold out your wrist. No more digging your credit card out from your wallet or scrambling to turn on your phone in order to pay for anything. Just flick your wrist. If you needed a reason to buy an Apple Watch, just consider Apple Pay.

Things has to be one of our favorite productivity apps, period. This handy tool allows you to complete your to-do list in a flash and create new tasks with the help of Siri. It’s intuitive, gorgeous, and very simple to use. It’s not the only productivity app out there but it’s certainly a bright spot.

Can’t remember all your passwords? 1Password is a surprisingly handy tool which organizes all the various log-ins and passcodes you’ll need throughout the day. Not only can you save passwords for Internet websites, making it ten times easier to log into your most important accounts, but you can also save passcodes like the gate key to get into your apartment complex or your school locker. Just be sure to keep your Watch close to you.

Website monitoring can be an important feature to take advantage of too. While the spy software isn’t available for the Apple Watch yet, remote spying software is available and let’s be honest, who doesn’t have a cell phone these days?

If you’re looking for the ultimate Apple Watch app, the team behind Workflow has you covered. How it works is actually a little more simple than it sounds. Workflow connects various apps on your Watch together. By mixing actions from these apps together, Workflow allows you to perform simple tasks in the blink of an eye, everything from calculating a tip to hailing an Uber car. While it’s a little hard to explain, it’s one of those apps that helps reduce the number of apps you’ll have to circulate through and allows you to control almost everything from your wrist.

This handy little app helps you build habits in order to improve your day to day life. Want to teach yourself to exercise every day? You can define up to six habits to work on and set each budding habit to be performed on a certain day of the week. The beautifully laid out app is surprisingly effective and a breeze to use.

BBC News
The BBC News app allows you to stay informed with just a glance at your wrist. How it works? You’ll get notifications about headline events which come with a brief synopsis about of the biggest stories happening that day. If you want to read the whole story all you have to do is then load it on your iPhone, which all happens in a matter of seconds.

Popular productivity app Slack has helped make working together as a team all the sweeter. It may not surprise anyone that Slack eventually saw an Apple Watch app but the real surprise is how effective it is. While the app might be a little limited, it allows you to directly respond to direct messages and any posts that directly reference your name, allowing you to quickly step when work starts to call.